History of WCOP series

WCOP, formerly the Workshop on Component Oriented Programming, was founded in 1996 and organized subsequently by Clemens Szyperski, Cuno Pfister, Wolfgang Weck, Jan Bosch, Ralf Reussner, and Barbora Buhnova. It ran in a series of highly successful workshops, mainly at ECOOP and later with CompArch and WICSA.

WCOP has traditionally attracted a healthy mix of advanced PhD students, junior academics, and industrial researchers - all presenting their latest work in progress. After WCOP'96 focused on the fundamental terminology of COP, the subsequent workshops expanded into the many related facets of component software.

In conjunction with CompArch&WICSA, where the most established conferences of the field have been bundled, WCOP played the role of an entry level scientific event, targeting submissions with innovative ideas in their early state, where established members of the community gave feedback by reviews and the discussions during the symposium. The high number of experienced researchers traditionally attending WCOP made WCOP a particularly interesting workshop for young researchers seeking feedback from the scientific and industrial community.

After respectable 20 years of its history, the last edition of the WCOP series took place in 2015 in Montreal, Canada, and on its grounds, a new Young Researchers Forum of CompArch&WICSA is being built since then.